TiPTiG Cladding System

Cladding System

The TiPTiG welding system for welding on the pipe inside and outside in the vertical and horizontal position.

TiPTiG Cladding System

Suitable for CW / HW technology

Process description

The TiPTiG wire feeder sytem provides a linear, steady forward movement of the wire electrode. Simultaniously, this movement is superimposed by a second forward/backward motion.

The result is a kinmatic energy, providing a dynamic and process-stable weld puddle. A second power source provides an resistance-preheated wire electrode, while touching the weld puddle.

TiPTiG Cladding System
TiPTiG Cladding System
TiPTiG Cladding System

Components of the cladding system

  • TiPTiG BECKHOFF PLC with 12" Touch Panel include programs: Pipe to Pipe welding, pipe cladding inside and outside, longitudinal seam welding, board cladding, norwegian speak, functions: AVC, AEA, OSC, single layer
  • TiPTiG PLC Case mounted on the separate wire feeder car with connection sockets
  • TiPTiG Aluminium profil construction, profil size 80 x 80 mm LxBxH 2150 x 1000 x 2200 mm, mounted at heavy duty wheels
  • TiPTiG Heavy duty linear guide line with ballscrews, X-Y-Z axis planetgear motor 20 Nm
  • TiPTiG High precisions slide with ballscrews, stroke: 200 mm OSC-Oscillation movement, stepper motor 2 Nm
  • TiPTiG AUT Torch holder complete with Micro Nozzle Adjustment X-Y-Z Axis
  • TiPTiG Interconnecting cable TiG 500iDC/160HW, 3,0 m connection TIG500iDC/160HW to TiPTiG feeder
  • TiPTiG TIG 500iDC/160HW, version automation
  • TiPTiG Automation hot wire feeder New System
  • TiPTiG AUT Version "I-I" remote control box, 5,0 m cable
  • TiPTiG HW Automation Torch AUT 410S "B", 4,25 m cable
  • TiPTiG Spare part box large AUT 410-S-"B" Jumbo gas lens
  • TiPTiG Torch cladding 20 HC 90° extra small 200 mm, handle 400mm, 3,5m
  • TiPTiG CW / HW spare part box large, TW 20 Jumbo gas lens
  • TiPTiG U-Rolls Ø 1,2/1,6 mm, 4 pieces
  • TiPTiG Encoder and TiPTiG Encoder cable, 15,0 m
  • TiPTiG Earth cable 70 mm², 4,0 m
Application range

Application range

  • TIG DC for Hot Wire applications:
    • pipe claddind inside and outside in vertical and horizonttal position

Materials for Hot Wire applications

Low-, medium- and high alloyed steel, Duplex, Superduplex, Copper and Titanium, Stellite, Cladding materials as DUR 350, 500, 600

Application advantages

Application advantages

  • HDMT technology
  • universal automation for all butt weld applications
  • compact size
  • easy-to-use control unit for all parameters
  • active interference while welding with remote control
  • welding parameter memory
  • AVC, AEA, OSC control
  • welding with combined parameters
  • easy processing of all materials
  • deposition rate up to 5,5 kg/h
  • lowest energy per unit
  • environmental friendly, no spatter, low emission, no arc noise
  • narrow gap welding technologies possible
  • smaller aperture angles, less weld preparation time= less welding time