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TiPTiG europe GmbH was founded in May 2015 as an independent spin-off from STB Schweißtechnik GmbH. TiPTiG europe’s Application, Training, Sales and Service Centre is located on the eastern edge of Berlin.

Our passion at TiPTiG is the TIG welding technology from Krenglbach in Austria. We guarantee that, with TiPTiG, our customers will produce the most cost-effective TIG welding seams of the highest metallurgical quality in the world. The advantages of TiPTiG welding are outstanding.

TiPTiG Team

TiPTiG europe GmbH is the company for the sales and service of all TiPTiG technologies in Europe. If requested, TiPTiG europe carries out orders on behalf of the customer, such as welding prototypes, optimizing welding processes with regard to quality and quantity, running training sessions for the customer’s welders using TiPTiG devices, as well as providing the necessary support for successfully carrying out welding procedure qualifications.

Our motivated, highly-qualified staff always work with our customers to find the perfect solution for all their joining difficulties. This is achieved by using manual, automated, orbital or robotic systems. TiPTiG offers the solution for almost all applications in just one single welding process!

At TiPTiG europe, our name stands for long-term cooperation, high competence, flexibility and reliability in countries throughout Europe.

Furthermore, we are the exclusive sales partner for the Nitty Gritty product portfolio. Nitty Gritty is the stainless steel specialist from Italy with sophisticated inverter technology for etching and polishing without damaging the material. We are also partners with AP Tignology, the technological market leader for grinding and separating solutions for tungsten electrodes. User friendly, occupationally safe and up to three times longer service life: these are just some of the examples of why we chose these products.

You want perfect TIG welding? – Then TiPTiG europe is the right partner for you!

TiPTiG europe GmbH

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