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Technical Advice and Sales

TiPTiG europe GmbH advises customers on site or in its own Application Centre on all aspects of welding, including all kinds of materials and applications. This is then implemented in practical test welds at the customer’s. We sell all of the TIPTIG technologies in the following countries:

  • Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden

Naturally, we also provide direct service in all sales regions, either using our own trained technicians or through personnel from local dealers. Finally, as a full-service provider, we also offer TiPTiG equipment for hire.

WPS and WPQR Procedures

Decisions regarding technology and parameters, made on the basis of test welds, are then recorded as a pWPS and later changed to the WPS. The WPQRs are then successfully issued together with our experienced application technicians and the accredited test and surveillance institutes.

Should welders require more training for this, it can usually be carried out by TiPTiG’s personnel on site at the customer’s, using the relevant components. This is done as long as necessary until the perfect quality and quantity have been achieved.

Renting TIPTIG Technology

TIPTIG europe provides a further service: upon request, we can provide you with modern, high-quality rental equipment. This ensures that downtimes are avoided and enables capacity to be increased for a short term. Apart from TIG welding technology, we also provide all of the TIPTIG HW/CW technologies:

  • manual welding devices
  • automated devices for welding pipes and interior and exterior cladding
  • orbital technology for welding pipes

We will draw up a customised offer that includes all technical and commercial details to meet all of our customer’s requirements.


Apart from standard repair services, TIPTIG europe GmbH’s trained specialists also offer the legally required inspections as well as validation and calibration services.

Test us!


Should customers wish to have extra training in TIPTIG’s technology, we can offer theoretical and practical training either on the customer’s premises or at our Application Centre. Various welding training centres, both in Germany and abroad, also offer different courses.

Sample Welding

Customers also have the option of having prototypes produced to their specifications at our Application Centre so as to better understand optimum technologies and welding parameters. Upon request, we then have these prototypes inspected at one of the test laboratories with which we cooperate.

Our goal is to provide our customers with full service!

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