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An Overview of Our Financing Options

Rent: useful for fulfilling short-term requirements.
Hire-purchase: a reasonable funding model with immediate transfer of ownership.
Leasing: a tax-optimised financing programme.

Maintain your liquidity and stay flexible: modern financing is the key to success!
Fast, easy and reliable.

Modern Financing

Today, corporate success means providing high-quality services quickly and flexibly. Using the necessary manufacturing equipment and production facilities does not have to be expensive.

We can offer every customer a sensible alternative to the costly purchase of equipment. Use our devices for a fixed period of time or take advantage of our clever financing to enable you to successfully process extensive orders. Purchases that require tying up capital or financing equipment through one’s house bank are no longer up-to-date. If you are a business start-up or have won an extraordinary order we can set you up immediately without any complicated investments or formalities.

As your partner with experience in this business sector, we will work with you to develop individual financing methods for suitable facilities. We will advise you on the technical requirements for your orders, optimise your manufacturing processes as far as possible and provide the relevant devices. Our strength lies in our technically advanced equipment for hire and more than ten years of experience in working together with our leasing and hire-purchase partners. In the end, we will find the best technical solution with the lowest capital commitment.

  • Rent


    The fast solution: for just one day or up to twelve months, you will receive the suitable system from our equipment for hire.

    Rental agreements are concluded on the basis of our General Terms and Conditions for Rent. The rent is calculated per calendar day and paid monthly in advance. We charge a commitment fee, a cleaning fee as well as the legally compulsory safety inspection at the end of the rental period. Our optional equipment insurance limits the financial risk from loss or damage to just a low percentage of self-risk. We calculate individual rental terms for users who have a continuous need for rental equipment. Should you determine that such equipment would be a valuable addition to your machinery, you may purchase it at any time. Rent payments may be offset against the purchase price.

    Renting equipment is especially suitable for:

    the short-term use of special equipment
    covering order peaks

  • Hire-purchase


    We offer this favourable financing alternative to our long-term partners.

    Our technicians will discuss the configuration of devices with you so that we can then find the best financing partner for your requirements. You determine the financing term and thus how high your monthly charge will be. The VAT to be charged for this contract must be paid in full at the beginning of the contractual period. The equipment immediately becomes part of your fixed assets. Our hire-purchase offers are always subject to acceptance of your application by the hire-purchase company.

    Hire-purchase is the right decision if:

    your liquidity should not be affected
    the equipment is to stay in the company

  • Leasing


    Leasing offers attractive options with regard to the contractual period, as opposed to hire-purchase. This can range from 40% to 90% of the German statutory requirements for depreciation.

    What is especially interesting: leasing rates are fully tax deductible as business expenses. In each individual case, we ensure that our partners’ conditions are comparable. This allows you to select a suitable leasing package without any surprising incidental costs. If you wish, you can take over the equipment after the leasing period has expired. Contrary to hire-purchase, ownership of the equipment remains with the leasing company. Here again we have been successfully working together with experienced partners for many years. Implementation of the contract is also subject to acceptance of your application by the leasing partner.

    We recommend leasing if:

    you require the equipment on a long-term basis
    tax-related issues play a role
    flexibility is required when drawing up the contract

We would be pleased to advise you personally should you have any questions about our financing options. Please contact us.

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