TiPTiG TIG 500 compact

TiPTiG® TIG 500 compact

TiPTiG® TIG 500 compact

Suitable for HW / HD technology

Maximum TIG productivity with integrated TiPTiG® wire feeder

Outstanding TIG welding characteristics by digital inverter technology

Distinguished by their high efficiency and superb welding characteristics, inverters utilise digital software control technology that has a significant influence on the outcome of the welding process.

Intuitive operation

The easy-to-use operating panel and the clearly structured user interface ensure that you are ready to start welding without having to make any additional preparations.

Pulse welding machine

Working in the background, highly developed and characteristic-controlled processor technology provides for the seamless interaction of all parameters and components involved in the welding process. This smooth interaction allows you to achieve superior duty cycle levels and maximum productivity with your pulse power source.

Electrode welding function

Electrode welding with Hotstart, Anti-Stick and Arc-Force regulation: The automatic Hotstart feature guarantees perfect ignition every time, while the Anti-Stick system reliably prevents the electrode from sticking, and Arc-Force regulation supports the welding process when you are dealing with difficult electrodes.

Mobile with integrated water cooling

Featuring a water cooling system that is housed in a compact mobile case, the TIPTIG® - TIG 500 compact is perfectly suited for use at workshops on site.

TiPTiG WIG 500 compact
TiPTiG WIG 500 compact


  • Water-cooled AC/DC inverter welding machine
  • TIG cold wire and hot wire welding with dynamic wire feed system
  • Dynamic wire feeding for a controllable weld pool even with positional welding:
    The wire feeding is superimposed in parallel using a forward and backward movement
  • Up to 300 % faster welding speeds compared to TIG welding
  • Up to 200 % improvement in deposition rate
  • Dilution reduced by up to 80 %
  • High process reliability and reproducible welding results
  • Higher welding speed and easy handling
  • Heat supply to the wire for improved deposition rate and an even lower risk of weld errors
  • Perfect weld appearance, no weld spatters
  • Large power reserves thanks to high duty cycle with all components heating up less as a result, guaranteeing a longer service life for machines when in use
  • Excellent torch cooling, resulting in cost savings on consumables due to high-performance centrifugal pump and a huge water tank
  • Energy-saving thanks to high efficiency
  • Mains connection: 3 x 400 V
  • High mains voltage tolerances 350 V to 480 V and fully generator-compatible
  • Connection capability for remote control and function torch
  • Crane-liftable casing
  • Automation interface
  • Optional robotic interface (EtherCAT or EtherNet/IP or Modbus)
Technical data

Technical data

  • Input Voltage - 350 V to 480 V
  • Input Phase - 3
  • Input Hz - 50 / 60 Hz
  • Mains fuses (slow-blow) - 3 x 32 A
  • Max. connected load - 24,6 kVA, Imax = 35,5 A, Ieff = 24 A
  • Recommended generator power - 34 kVA
  • Setting range for welding current - 4 A - 500 A
  • Duty cycle 40 % (40 °C) - 500 A
  • Duty cycle 60 % (40 °C) - 440 A
  • Duty cycle 100 % (40 °C) - 380 A
  • Wire Feed Speed - 0,15 - 17 m/min
  • Wire Frequency - 17 Hz
  • Protection classification - IP 23
  • Insulation class - F
  • System of cooling - F
  • Net Width, Net Height, Net Length - 545 mm, 1230 mm , 1100 mm
  • Weight - 147 kg
  • Standards - IEC 60 974-1;-3;10 / CE / S-Safety sign / EMC class A