TiPTiG Technik

Why TiPTiG?

Because we are the evolution in TIG welding!

What counts most today is efficiency: becoming ever faster, yet with the best possible quality. That is exactly what we supply with our TiPTiG technology!

The general TIG process offers top quality results for all welding applications. However, due to physical properties, the welding speed and output are not very high. TiPTiG offers you the solution for these problems. By applying TiPTiG’s HDMT technology, you can carry out TIG welding at the speed of MIG/MAG, even faster in difficult positions. Furthermore, the TIG process will become even more safe and simple.

It is now possible to complete all of the welding applications in your company using just one technology. Brilliantly simple – simply brilliant!

TiPTiG’s HDMT process increases your productivity by over 300%! Furthermore, using TiPTiG will increase safety for your employees and ensure significantly less harmful emissions.

Whether manual, automated, orbital or robot applications: TiPTiG europe has the solution for you!!

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